Site Set-up Instructions
for Portable Sawmill

The Set-up...

The site needs to be relatively level. The combination of the mill and the truck is approximately 45 feet in length, therefore accessibility to the logs needs be considered. An open and debris free worksite is ideal. It takes more time to load the logs if there are obstacles. Another fact to consider, for both customer and sawyer, is sun exposure to worksite, although this cannot always be considered due to limitations in available open space for sawing.s loved, working with lumber.
Ideal work-site. Easy access to logs and moderately level ground.
Hydraulic arms will lift the log onto the mill once logs are rolled up to the hydraulic arms.
LynchCo Portable Sawmill Services Custom Lumber in Wake Forest N. Raleigh Franklin County - Roy Lynch
Sometimes depending on circumstances surrounding the worksite, Roy asks that there be two (2) to three (3) capable workers to assist. This will cut down on unnecessary labor time and cost. The additional labor will be in charge of rolling logs to the mill. Roy will provide cant hooks to do this. They will also be pulling lumber off the mill and placing it in a location designated by the customer. This could be either stacked on the ground for later relocation or loaded into a truck or trailer for quick transport. This is entirely up to the log owner.
Logs are centered with the mill and each other. This allows for more quick and efficient log handling and sawing

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LynchCo, LLC Portable Sawmill & Custom Lumber has been in business for over 20 years serving Central North Carolina and offers custom milling of logs at customer's site to customer's desired specifications. Often times we find that people don't realize that after the tree service removal company takes down the trees the logs can be used to produce lumber for building or selling for profit.


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