Drying Lumber

Drying Lumber...

To air dry lumber in a reasonable time period and to prevent excessive amounts of degrade, certain steps should be followed:

Start with a good foundation

In commercial situations, air drying yards are often paved or at least built up with road rock and are graded so that all water will run off rapidly.

The foundation should be constructed in such a way that air is allowed to circulate freely under the pile. Weeds, grass, and other vegetation must be eliminated around the pile.
The foundations are sometimes sloped to allow rain water to run off the lumber pile. In other words, a few 4x4s can be cut and used as a foundation.
How to Stack

Ideally, the lumber should be sorted for length and thickness. Lumber of the same length should be put in one pile.
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If this practice is not feasible, the lumber should be "box piled" (see image above) For each tier of lumber, the long boards should be placed on the edges of the pile. Shorter boards should be on the inside and should alternate being flush with the front and back of the pile. Loose ends should not be allowed to overhang without support.

If you plan to use certain boards first, these should be near the top of the pile for easy access.
For Best Results

Stickers are used to separate each tier of lumber so that the air can move between the boards. The stickers will be sawed onsite.

Top of lumber needs to be covered with tin, quarter inch plywood, roofing paper, plastic, etc. Only the top should be covered, not the sides. This is very important because air needs to pass through the lumber or it will rot.

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